Monday, January 22, 2007

I'll have the crow please...

1 – That really, really, really sucked.

2 – I am really, really, really not looking forward to two weeks of wall to wall Peyton Manning…like we don’t see him enough.

3 – I can’t decided which team I want to see lose more. I hate the Colts, even more so now, but Rex Grossman is so awful that he makes me dislike the Bears. I guess that means the thing I’m most excited for about the Super Bowl is hearing the noises Prince makes before each song.

4 – One more stop or one more first down that’s all it would have taken.

5 – Back to the olde towne mantra “there’s always next year”.

I doubt I’ll ever be able to accept the fact that the 2007 AFC Championship was one of best playoff games ever. It is just too tough to swallow that loss. Peyton Manning is a great quarterback and he stepped up and got over a huge hump that was the Patriots.

Good, great, grand that doesn’t mean I have to like it or be happy for him. He’s still a square and Brady still has been tremendous in the regular season and the playoffs and to be honest I’d still rather have number 12. Clearly you can’t win them all and the Colts played better, maybe they were the better team, maybe not but in any case they played better when it counted.

It’s certainly no fun to see the Pats lose but when you consider the fact that no one thought they’d be in the AFC Championship, let alone the Super Bowl, you have to like what is going on in Foxboro and I don’t think we’ve seen the end of the Brady-Belichick era. They weren’t supposed to beat the Chargers but they did it, so I have full confidence that the Flying Elvi will be in the mix again for years to come as long as they have Brady and Belichick.

Alright enough Patriots, I don’t think I can take anymore, my head might explode.

Hmm what to focus on now, besides avoiding over exposure to 6’5” 230 lbs quarterbacks with a laser, rocket arm. Well it’s officially root against the Celtics so they can get Kevin Durant or Greg Oden and turn the team around time, I’m still kind of lost on the NHL and Pitchers and Catchers don’t report for almost a month.

p.s. – Pitchers and Catchers – Feb. 17 & Position Players – Feb. 21 – First full team workout – Feb. 22

Well the X Games start this week.

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