Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sox Fan Throws Pizza, Hilarity Ensues

Remember how I was talking about how awesome this ‘Sox Appeal’ dating show could be and how great the NESN broadcast team is? Well yesterday’s Patriots Day game provided the world with a little glimpse of exactly why it has the potential to be absolutely hilarious and why Jerry and Don rule.

Incase you live under a rock haven’t seen the video yet here it is. You can also see it at Deadspin and Bar Stool Sports. During JD Drew’s at bat in the seventh inning he hit a pop up into foul territory and a couple fans tried to catch it but collided with Garrett Anderson’s glove getting six dollar beers all over themselves. The seemingly out of no where some dude launches a slice of pizza and drills one of the guys in the neck. This leads to a solid three minutes of commentary from Jerry and Don, needless to say hilarity ensues.

As it turns out these two assclowns were giving the Pizza Guy shit for having pizza at a baseball game and after the guy failed to come up with the foul ball Pizza Guy unleashed hell in the form of Fenway Park Papa Gino’s. The guy that got hit, apparently a Mainer, took exception, his girlfriend tried to calm him down but he clearly wanted to throw down. I picture the guys comments sounding something like this.

“hey fuck you, buddy…oh what, yah I’ll kick ya fuck ass you fucking homo…come over here…no I’m not gonna stop this fucking pussy thinks he’s funny throwing fucking pizza…hey fuck you chuckle head, I’m gonna climb ova these fucking seats and beat ya fucking head in buddy…fucking faggot.”

Yeah just that looped over four or five times, that’s why ‘Sox Appeal’ is going to be hilarious. Every dating show has two things in common, at least one of the people the show trots out is a complete fucking idiot and at least one of the people is a total creep and the shit that comes out of their mouths is either grossly offensive or borderline sexual predator. Now add in the fact that the girls and guys on the show are from the Boston area and are Sox fans means there is at least a one in three chance that either someone will have a really thick accent, the girl is going to have a mouth like a sailor, the guy is going to be an alcoholic, the guy is going to yell anything and everything at anything and everything including the girl by the seventh inning and/or he will try to fight someone in the stands.

Maybe we’ll even get a match made in heaven with a couple of complete clich├ęs, like a drunk guy named Sully, some chick that swears so much it completely ruins the meaning of the word fuck, they’ll both drink heavily and then get into a fight with someone in the stands over something really stupid. Like having pizza in the stands or someone being a Yankees fan at a Red Sox/Yankees game, how dare they right? I mean they can go to hell but do we need to resort to fisticuffs over it.

My only hope is that when it happens Jerry and Don have a full access to camera shots of all the daters during the game that they get to rip into. You know what, for the hell of it why doesn’t NESN get the fat guy from the NESN catalog that they always rip on to be one of the daters, they would have a field day. God I love the Red Sox.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Ramblings and Patriots Day

Work has been incredibly busy over the last week and it’s probably not going to change too much but there’s been a lot of stuff going on so I have to say something about it all. With that said I give to you another installment of the ramblings

Can’t start off with anything but Red Sox talk…the Sox are 6-4 after the first two weeks of the season and we’ve already seen some stuff that makes me worrisome and a bunch of stuff that has me pumped for a monster 2007 season. Except the weather is hideous right now so who knows when the Sox will actually play again. Patriots Day, a.k.a. the coolest unique game in all of sports has already been pushed back at least two hours if not more…lame.

On to the Sox, first and foremost is the starting pitching, I one-hundred percent believe that you can never have enough starting pitching but I think that the Red Sox are in a pretty good position. At the very least they are in better shape then any other AL East team right now.

I’ve heard talk about Schilling not being an ace anymore which at times I’ll admit I agree with he’s not the pitcher he was in 2004 or before then. He’s going to have his nights and he’s going to have shitty nights, like opening day for example, but he’s still a guy you have confidence in when he trots out to the mound every fifth day.

Josh Beckett is the ace of the staff in my opinion. Forget about 2006 he is poised to have a big time year. He’s looked great in his two starts. He had some killer stuff in KC and just steamrolled the Mariners in the home opener. I don’t know if he’s going to take home the Cy Young award but I did predict a batting title for Youk so call me a homer I guess. Regardless I feel like he’s poised to have a good year and it seems like he always takes the mound with something to prove. Plus he is insanely intense, like Papelbon.

Then there is Dice-k, granted he had his Fenway opener crashed by King Felix but he’s been pretty solid in his first two outings. The guy isn’t going to go 30-0 but hopefully more often then not he will end up on the winning end of games where he is only giving up a couple of runs. So far, so good with Dice-k though, his stuff has looked pretty good and one this to remember is that the weather has not been friendly and he’s a guy that pitched most of his games in a dome. If the weather ever warms up here in New England or the US for that matter I think he’ll be even better since he’ll be more comfortable. No one wants to do anything when its cold and your body react differently. Sounds dumb but seriously keep it in mind.

Wake is pretty much the same as he has been over the last few years. You have to win when he pitches well or it will come back to bite you. Wake’s knuckle ball is bizarre and sometimes it works great other times guys get it or it’s not doing what he wants it to and he gets rocked. In my opinion, he’s still going to get 10-12 wins but the Red Sox have to win on nights when he’s only giving up 2-3 runs because there are going to be nights when he gets shelled and gives up 6 or 7. I know it’s early but the other night in Texas, games like that really can’t happen.

What can you say about Julian Tavarez? I don’t really I know I just hope he can hold down the fort and not totally fuck everything up until Lester is ready to come back. I’ve said it before the addition of Lester midway through the season could be like adding a pitcher at the trading deadline so hopefully Tavarez can get the job done. I think he’s proven that he can be effective but he’s going to need run support like any pitcher, if he can keep his ERA between 4-and-5, he’ll be fine the Sox have enough pop in their lineup that they should be able to put up at least that night in and night out.

Couple more Red Sox notes before we get into the rest of my semi-coherent ramblings…

I never realized that how we take the Red Sox broadcast teams for granted. Being from Boston I’m a bit of a homer for homer announcers, everyone loved Johnny Most, even if he sounded like he was gargling hot asphalt, and most people like Tommy Heinsohn. Jerry Remy is a bit of a homer especially when it comes to Wally the Green Monster. My point is that Jerry and Don are very, very good in the booth. I’ve always disliked Tim McCarver and Joe Buck and I only hear Joe Morgan and John Miller once in a while but they suck.

I’ve always maintained how much I like Jerry and Don but I am just realizing that I’ve always taken the Sox radio team for granted. Joe Castiglione and Jerry Trupiano were a great team, they had great chemistry and really knew the Sox and their fans. Trup’s “WAAAY BAAACCK” was deceiving but overall they gave you all that you could want from the radio. When it was first announced that he wasn’t going to be doing the broadcasts anymore I wasn’t real happy since I catch a lot of games on the radio during the summer.

INANE BANTER ALERT - Cheruiyot takes the marathon, he didn’t fall at the finish line this time but the camera bike just absolutely dumped right behind him and no one seems to care.

The first week of the season I listen to chunks of games on the radio in the car and guess what. Dave O’Brien is awesome. I was skeptical after hearing he’d replace Trup, since he does a lot of soccer, but the guy is great, I love listening to him and even though it will take some time for him and Joe Castiglione to develop chemistry he’s a great replacement. As for Glenn Geffner, I’ve got nothing against the guy, he does an ok job but O’Brien is an everyday player in the majors, I think Glenn is still playing triple A right now. I’m not one to talk since I’m rocking the college wooden bat league and maybe it’s a bit of an unfair comparison but still when I hear Geffner instead of O’Brien it’s a little bit of a let down.

The Celtics clinched the second worst record in the NBA. They’ll still probably get the fifth pick. I don’t want to talk about this right now, but if they don’t get the first or second pick I think they have to try and trade for a veteran like Garnett or something the Celtics don’t need another young guy that has great potential. I guess maybe you could go with one of the NBA ready guys from Florida like Corey Brewer but I don’t want Joakim Noah I want Oden or Durant. At some point someone has to be held accountable for this miserable state of the Celtics. I blame whoever came up with those “God is a Celtics Fan” commercials from a couple years ago…prick.

I think I might start throwing up some stuff about TV now that I work five (or seven) days a week I’ve started to watch more TV at night with more regularity. Obviously 24 and Prison Break but I’ve added some others and why not write about it. For example Entourage is excellent and I’m not sure how but South Park continues to get funnier with each episode. I’m thinking regular weekly TV columns might be in order. (Stay tuned for a why 24 has not jumped the shark…its coming, seriously)

Just wanted to touch on Jackie Robinson Day real quick

People really have Dice-k fever here, after missing one game due to miserable weather everyone is already counting out days to see if Dice-k will miss a scheduled start with the Yankees. Also every time someone Japanese was on camera during the marathon coverage Bob Lobel felt it necessary to mention Dice-k. For example we had this tidbit from Bob when the wheelchair leader, who was Japanese, was rolling (literally) through Cleveland Circle.

“Boston really is turning Japanese…and if Dice-k is watching from the clubhouse I’m sure he’s very proud.” Maybe I should have watched the marathon on versus.

The Red Sox game finally started at 12ish and NESN is really pushing this Sox Appeal dating show, relax NESN I’m going to watch it just make sure I know when it starts and I’ll be watching. How could you not watch this? It’s going to be the highest of high comedy, like NEXT but with kids that had thick Boston accents and chicks that swear every fourth word and call every Yankee player a faggot on air, I’m pumped for this, but you already knew that. By the way casting starts this week at participating Bob’s Stores…there is one is Middleton…giddy…yup.

The Substitute 4 is on TV right now…they made four of those movies…seriously people. Oh wait; I’ve definitely seen this before…wow I may need to reevaluate my TV habits. Okay time for the Patriots Day game.

INANE BANTER ALERT - Patriots Day is celebrated to observe the ride of Paul Revere and the battles of Lexington and Concord.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Live Blog: Part III - Innings 7-9

Seventh Inning

I missed Pedroia’s at bat because I just had a great conversation with some lady who is hosting a Spanish exchange student. I think she thinks that my mom and dad lost my brother’s exchange student, my bad but seriously lady I’m just home watching the Sox game on the big screen ok. I claim no responsibility for Spanish kids or their whereabouts.

Back to Pedroia, I’m not ready to go with Chris Comer that was a gut reaction I’m working on it thought. The Sox went rather quietly but Pedroia was on base so that’s a good sign right?

Dice-k has nine strikeouts now, Jerry just informed us that it’s the most strikeouts by a Red Sox rookie in his debut since Kevin Milton, and Don replied with the fact that Red Sox rookie with the most strikeouts in his debut (11) was later traded for Jerry Remy. Make that ten strike outs for Dice-k. This is what I love about Don and Jerry they have a great chemistry and you can really tell they enjoy working together and as goofy and predicable as they are sometimes they really make it fun to watch.

Dice-k and Greinke are both done. Dice-k had a really nice first start and if we see more games like that he’s going to be real tough especially if he gets his velocity up as the season goes on.

As for Greinke, I think he got over looked a little bit but he only allowed two runs and strike out Papi three times so it’s tough for him to have to leave on the hook but not a bad outing for him either.

Papi, is pumped to have Greinke gone dropping a double into left. The outfield is massive at Kaufman Stadium, by the way and I’d really like the Sox to get another run here before going to the bullpen. I’m confident in Papelbon but the other guys make me a little nervous. J.C. Romero and Brendan Donnelly, this isn’t xbox fellas lets pick up another one.

Ha, I rule everything I just said about Greinke, Jerry and Don just said the same thing, sign me up NESN.

Big Papi just wheeled home from third on a wild pitch that really didn’t get very far from the plate, apparently Papi is Michael Johnson, I had no idea. Guy is absolutely out of gas in the dugout. Please get Ortiz some oxygen and Power C right now he may or may not pass out.

Do you think Teahen is pissed right now? Alex Gordon just let an easy grounder go right between his legs. Teahen has look lost in the outfield but Gordon isn’t having a good time at third either…Ladies and Gentleman your 2007 Kansas City Royals.

The Sox have had a base runner in every inning and are 0-11 in scoring position, wait now Coco is up make that 0-12. I love eating crow I really do, one of my favorite meals. Coco just lined one up the middle bringing in JD Drew from third, 4-1 Sox.

Yes, while I was in the middle of searching for a good comparison for Pedroia he loads the bases with a single, NIIIICE!

Nothing doing with the bases loaded, but 4-1 Sox.

Bottom of the Eighth Inning

Romero is on the hill now and Jonathan Papelbon is loosening up in the bullpen, I really hope we see Paps, he’s electric. This is why I love Remy and Orsillo, they aren’t over doing the whole Dice-k thing but when they realize that they are starting to they just start messing around and saying stuff like…

“He should just make up a bunch of different names for different pitches and really throw off the opposition. You know like the gyroball, the um, ah, the spin ball, I don’t stuff like that,” gold I tell you solid gold plated diapers baby, I love Jerry Remy.

J.C. Romero gets through the eighth pretty easy but I’m a little bothered by this new Foxwoods commercial. I don’t like it what happened to the old Foxwoods commercial that may have been my favorite jingle ever. More importantly why can’t I find that commercial or the ‘my luck chip’ commercial on youtube. The ‘my lucky chip’ commercial is my favorite commercial ever, it has that great unnecessary boob shot at the end when the girl tucks a poker chip into her red dress and goes “oh my lucky chip”. Boob shot and the old Foxwoods jingle, a match made in TV heaven, I think so.

Ninth Inning

Papelbon is in to close this is like a double-plus-good game, Dice-k and Papelbon good times. Emil Brown goes down on a hard biting slider from Paps, who got his first Major League save a year ago today according to Don.

Alex Gordon grounds out for out number two. Someone is gingerly massaging Dice-k’s shoulders in the dugout, definitely on of the gayest things I’ve ever seen, actually it was Julian Tavarez, still gay (not that there is anything wrong with that). Wily Mo Pena just told Tavarez to knock it off and now he’s trying to get Dice-k to wave to the crowd, this is retarded.

Back to the game, Papelbon, fastball outside corner, good night, game over, drive home safely.

Post game thoughts – I’ll keep it short I promise. I was really pleased with Dice-k’s first outing it was what I was hoping for, he scattered some hits, gave up a run struck out 10 and got himself out of trouble a couple times. How can you not be happy with that? Also the Sox responded with a couple runs when they needed them. There are still a few guys that need to get things going, like Tek, Coco and Lugo but a great start for Romero, Dice-k, JD Drew and Pedroia.

Well that’s all for my first attempt at a Live Blog, Sox take it 4-1, of the two running diaries I’ve written we’ve got two Boston (New England) wins.

Live Blog: Part II - Innings 4-6

Fourth Inning-

Mike Lowell just hit a double that was almost a homer and should have been caught, if that makes sense. Oh and more importantly Dice-k stood on the dugout steps to see if it was a homer, easy dude it’s game three of the season not the ALCS.

Ross is up, with two outs and Lowell on third, Joey just informed me that Ross was a senior on the last season of two-a-days, not sure how he went from being a freshmen to a senior in the span of two seasons, but Joey is an authority on shit like this. Ross just struck out…weird, he’s like Bellhorn without the greasy hair and homers.

By the way I bought Power C Vitamin Water aka the David Ortiz kind, he’s struck out twice, I hate vitamin water.

According to Wikipedia I am an idiot and Ross was a junior in season one of Two-A-Days so he went from a junior to a senior in two seasons, logical progression right? Yeah the whole Pedroia-Ross thing is out but he still looks like a freshman that got called up to the varsity, think Chris Comer at the beginning of Friday Night Lights that’s what watching Dustin Pedroia is like.

Meanwhile, Dice-k is mowing down the Royals, stat line from Joey, “five strikeouts, one hit, he’s retired ten in a row, just struck out the side and he’s at like 58 pitches, I love it, I know, I know four innings in and he’s the Cy Young winner but still I love it.”

Joey pretty much just summed things up right there, Dice-k’s only at 54 pitches and he’s got five k’s through four, we are very happy right now.

Fifth Inning

Lugo leading things off with a double and I really am starting to feel bad for Mark Tehan, he looks lost out in right field.

Lugo is running on a curve ball up an in on Youk and John Buck just fired the ball into left field prompting this from Joey.

“What is this little league? Who throws past the third baseman like that? And why is he just standing there run home”

Lugo scores on the error, 2-0 Sox in the fifth. Big Papi strikeout number three, I’m never drinking Power C again.

We seriously need to stop talking about high school TV shows and movies cause we must absolutely sound like creeps, but it’s not our fault they don’t make high school girls like they used to (channeling my inner Wooderson).

Alex Gordon, who’s supposed to be the Rookie of the Year just got his first major league hit, which was the second hit Dice-k gave up, pretty cool for Gordon.

Great slider from the Diceman for his sixth strikeout of the afternoon, and Ross Gload just smashed a ball but it turned out to be a routine fly ball to Drew. I think I listened to a few to many Jerry Trupiano games cause I was about to give that one a “WAAAY BAACK!!!”

We’ve lost Joey, he had to go to work. I’m going to miss his off hand comments I guess that means I need to step it up.

John Buck just dropped a blooper into center and Coco nearly f’d it up enough for Gordon to score, I’m really trying to be positive about Coco but he’s not showing me much right now.

Matsuzaka is in a bit of a jam here with runners on the corners and two outs, and we have our first mound conference between Dice-k and Tek. What do you think they said to each other? Here’s my guess.

Tek – “Fastball.”
Dice-K – “Fastball” (with heavy accent)
Tek – “yeah fastball”
Dice-K – “ok fastball” (again with the accent)

Well it worked, chopper back to the mound for out number three. Chopper back to the mound doesn’t do that play justice it was more like a swinging bunt, I’ve really been impressed with Dice-k’s fielding, you have to love a guy that helps his own cause like that and pounds Akashi Extra Dry in single gulps on youtube.

2-0 Sox after five…

Sixth Inning

Ok Coco, show me something. 0-8 on the year and 0-2 on the day with a groundout and strikeout and a near error is not cutting it…sweet make that 0-9, 0-3 on the day with a groundout and two strikeouts.

Dice-k just gave up a solo jobby to David DeJesus, Dice-k just left that fastball out over the plate and it got roped. I really just got a sinking feeling like it’s going to be one of those games that the pitcher throws well but the offense can’t help him out, I’ve seen way too many of those as a Sox fan.

Strike ‘em out throw ‘em double play that was huge, Dice-k absolutely just froze Teahan, who is still lost somewhere in right field, for strike three then Varitek just barely gets Emil Brown at second, if Beckett was on the mound I think his head might have exploded.

That double play turned out to be huge since Dice-k just gave up a well hit double. Big spot for Dice-k and he comes up with another strikeout, guy is lights out in tough spots so far.

Observations after six innings…this game definitely has that Pedro start feel to it with Dice-k taking the mound, I don’t know a lot of teams that can say that about their number three starter. Dice-k has pitched really well so far, he really has an arsenal of a pitch that he can use, we’ve seen strait fastballs, fastballs with movement, cut fastballs, change ups, splitters, sliders and curveballs and that’s just what I have noticed. He struggled a little bit in the sixth so I wonder if we’ll see him out there again in the seventh, he’s getting close to 100 pitches, if he’s not over 100 yet, I think he’s done but we’ll see.

96 - pitches so far, by the way.

2-1 Sox after Six…back with the final three innings and post game thoughts next.

Live Blog: Part I - Innings 1-3

Live Blog

Welcome to my first Live Blog. Here is how this is going to go I’ll be keeping a running diary of the game and interjecting my thoughts and observations along with the thoughts and observations and off hand comments of my good buddy Joey. I’ll be posting the blog in three segments. First three innings, middle three and final three, enjoy.

First Inning

Rushing home from work I missed Lugo leading off the game but nothing big he made an out…Youk worked his first walk off the season and Jerry Remy just told us that Zach Greinke has been working through anxiety problems and that crowds especially bothered him…today might not be the best day for Zach

Ortiz three pitch K not really that cool, Greinke is looking pretty good so far.

I’m not going chronicle every at bat and pitch but Manny just lofted an opposite field double that drove Youk in from first, 1-0 Sox…tough times for Mark Tehan in the outfield…has to be rough switching from third to right in your second season.

Grenke just struck out JD Drew...guess I spoke a little too soon about him having anxiety attacks today he’s looking pretty good so far…first commercial break, Dice-k in t-minus five minutes, give or take.

Dice-k’s first pitch fouled off by DeJesus…gives up a single…oh no HE’S A BUST…just kidding

1-6-3 double play, Dice-k through the first, minor jam but he got out of it with a nice fastball jamming Emil Brown inside.

Second Inning

Joey starts things of with a great comment on Pedroia “it’s like he just got called up to the varsity.” I can’t think of any better way to put it, that’s exactly what he looks like. I think we’ll have to dub Pedroia ‘Ross’, the kid from Two-a-Day’s, freshman quarterback on the high school football powerhouse, little bit wide eyed but he’s got to come right in and not suck.

So far so good from JD Drew, he’s hit pretty well and made some real nice plays in the field…I definitely under estimated his fielding ability.

Dice-k gets his first strikeout on a nice outside fastball, 1-0 Sox after two…Don Orsillo has told us Dice-k is the fourth Japanese pitcher to start a game four times

Third Inning

Finally something from Lugo, sort of, he legged out a single after Alex Gordon bobbled a ball at third.

Alex Gordon having a tough time at third, he’s dove and knocked two balls down but cant come up with either of them…again gold from Joey “Look at Manny, he’s jogging like ‘fuck I wish that was just an out now I gotta run all the way to first”

Dice-k can field his position he just made a nice running play on a chopper between first and the mount. The best part about that play thought, the fact that for some reason Youk wasn’t sure what was going on and just sort of stared at Dice-k sprinting off the mount before he went to cover first. That provided the first of many akward conversations between Dice-k and the other players. Dice-k and Youk just looked at each other and started chuckling, like ‘I have no idea what you just said’, ‘yeah no clue, so lets just laugh’

We know they had a six man rotation in Japan; seriously we all got that memo, but if you’re going to keep telling us add in more about how Japanese pitchers throw a lot more between games.

Impressions after the first three, good things, one I really like Dice-k’s demeanor and he has really settled down since getting that double play.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Day (or two) Late Blog & Dice K Mania

It’s snowing right now…April 4 and it’s snowing like a bastard add in the facts that the Red Sox got knocked around by the Royals Monday, I didn’t get to watch the game, they had yesterday off and I’m most likely going to miss tonight’s game and this so called “best week in sports” isn’t really going so well.

Alright enough bitching and moaning from me on to more important things. I was going to do a “ramblings” column but there are two main things I wanted to touch on this week so let’s just stick to that. One – the NCAA Championship game…I know, I know I’m late but that’s how I roll sometimes. Two – Dice-K’s first start.

NCAA Championship – a day (or two) late – When I first started this blog I wrote about how I didn’t have a college team to follow, no dog in the fight so to speak, but the NCAA tournament is a great time for someone like me, I can easily jump on any bandwagon I choose and after abandoning my brackets, which I did successfully, I was ready to go. Even though this year lacked any notable Cinderella stories the fact that two number one seeds and two number two seeds made the final four provided us with some great games. I would have liked to see Texas make it a little further (by further I mean the title game) but I digress.

Monday night’s championship game was awesome. On the one hand you had Florida, who’s not only won back-to-back basketball titles but the Gators are the BCS National Champions and the college hoops champs, that’s unheard of now-a-days. Ohio State’s had a bad run of luck, if you can really call it bad luck but losing to Florida in two title games in two months. Three potential top ten draft picks in Noah, Horford and Brewer on the Gators then the consensus number one pick, especially after last night, in Oden and the best point guard in the country in Mike Connelly Jr., you just don’t see that.

I was rooting for Florida since my buddy’s mom is a Florida grad but I really wanted to see Oden dominate, since I hadn’t watched him play much I wanted to see why he’s the number one and why he is decidedly better then Kevin Durant, who I really like and have paid more attention to this year. Well I got what I wanted. Even though the Buckeyes lost Oden was unreal. His two handed swallowing of Corey Brewer, who has grown on me and was the second best guy on the floor, and the way he dominated in the middle against three legit Florida guys, not to mention the four absolute ‘jungle dunks’ that brought us out of our seats. If the Celtics get the number one pick I hope they take Oden, as much as I like Durant, Greg Oden is going to be unreal with an offense that runs through him.

Speaking of Oden, I don’t think Ohio State ran it’s offense through Oden enough especially when they were struggling from three-point range, imagine if they could have hit a couple. I guess I don’t really have a whole lot of insight into the game but I felt like I had to talk about it.

The other thing that made Monday so great is that it was the one year anniversary of the Dave “wait, wait, wait, I think my wiener fell out” Bridgewater night, classic.

Ok hopefully this will salvage this post but Dice K makes his first start tomorrow at 2:10 in Kansas City, let’s just say I’m excited, ok excited isn’t really the right word I think this event needs more of a phrase, like “I’m fucking pumped” or however you say that in Japanese.

When you’re favorite team pays $51 million just to talk to a guy there are a couple of things that run through you’re head. That he must be incredible, that he’s going to be a bust and that you pray to God he is incredible. From what I’ve seen and read, he is going to be good. He’s going to be very good but held to insane standards. I really hope that he pitches well tomorrow, I’m thinking six innings, scatters a couple hits maybe gives up a run or two but the Sox win. Unfortunately the way people can be around here, if he pitches unreal people are going to go nuts and say he’s the next Pedro. On the other hand if he pitches poorly (I really don’t want that to happen) Red Sox fans might be borderline suicidal, especially if Beckett doesn’t pitch well tonight.

Way too many negative thoughts in that paragraph, we are moving on. Dice k’s debut has to be the most anticipated Red Sox debut in a long time, even though he’s technically a rookie Dice k is the most high profile free agent the Sox have signed since, Curt Schilling/Manny Ramirez. It’s been Dice k mania since the Sox signed him and even though he pitched in spring training tomorrow afternoon it counts, I really haven’t been this excited for a baseball game since the 2004 playoffs (2005 I was still in the ’04 haze).

I’ve been kicking around the idea of a live blog for the game, I’m sure I won’t be the only one but since I’m leaving work early and parking in front of the TV for the game I figure why not. I haven’t done a running diary since the Pats Super Bowl win over the Eagles but it’s pretty entertaining so why not make my live blog debut during Dice K’s MLB debut.
Stay tuned.