Thursday, March 22, 2007

Busted Brackets

Well it’s a good thing that I didn’t take the time to post anything about the NCAA tournament before I left New England for Spring Break. Let’s just say my brackets aren’t doing so hot. I think the only 8-9 game I picked right was Michigan State and my best bracket has Memphis in the final four. What was I thinking, honestly, first they have to get by Texas A&M then they potentially have to beat Ohio State or Tennessee then Georgetown or UNC there is no way they don’t blow it…it’s just really not going well.

‘Bustday’, as defined by; “The day you realize your NCAA bracket is busted, and you're probably not going to win the pool unless somehow, a double digit team wins the title.” – That’s me minus the double digit’s winning the title, I’m not an artard (or /r/-tard if you want to get picky with the spelling).

I’ve said it before and will say it again I don’t follow college basketball that closely, I dabble but I don’t follow it closely or claim to have any idea what I’m talking about. I followed Texas this year but that’s because I hope the Celtics get Kevin Durant. When NCAA tournament rolls around everyone becomes an expert, thanks to a wonderful creation known as the office pool. Which has now been extended to just tournament pools because I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t participate in some form of NCAA Pool, legal or illegal, money or no money. Facebook even has NCAA Pools now yes this might be the end of the world.

I’m not an expert, I don’t claim to be and my brackets as evidence when it comes to college basketball I am a dumbass. With that said I’ve made a decision. I’m abandoning my brackets I might check them after games out of curiosity but I’m not going to watch games and root for a team because I picked them, that totally takes all the fun out of the tournament.

Here’s an example of what I am getting at. Duke-VCU, I don’t like Duke, no real reason I just never have, but since I figured they would get by VCU (even though I knew they shouldn’t have been seeded as high as they were) I picked the Blue Devils to lose in the second round. I was in Daytona Beach for Spring Break for the Duke-VCU game and I didn’t get to fully enjoy the collapse of Duke and savor the VCU upset because I was thinking about how it would F my bracket.

After the Duke-VCU game decided to dump my brackets, that decision was confirmed later that night while taking to a cheerleader from Purdue, I had Purdue losing to Arizona but changed my tune pretty quickly, so I’m dumping my brackets and just watching the games, allowing my support to be swayed by which ever team captivates me.

Tonight should be an interesting night, Memphis-Texas A&M should be a good one, I’m always going to root for John Calipari, c’mon like you didn’t have a Marcus Camby U-Mass jersey, but after watching Acie Law IV (the best big game shot taker and maker in the country) I have to take the Aggies. I wouldn’t mind either team moving on thought.

The other game I’ll be keeping an eye on tonight, Kansas-Southern Illinois, this game I actually had, not that it was really a tough pick, it should be another good one to watch. SIU has a great defense and Kansas might be the best team in the country. After watching those Kansas-Texas games I think they have a great chance to win a national championship.

In abandoning my brackets I’ve pretty much surrendered to Reynolds who challenged me to a facebook bracket duel. My bracket on facebook is probably the worst one I filled out, yet some how I have the second most points out of all my friends who filled out brackets, makes no sense but whatever. Either way I’ve got Reynolds pretty much dead to rights, what does that prove you ask? That despite my limited knowledge of College Hoops and my miserable failure in Bracketology, drugs are still bad mmkaay. Pot smoking, ski bums don’t hold a candle to bored kids that work in offices and spend all day reading about sports. The internet doesn’t surf itself my friend, that’s what I’m here for.

I missed a lot of stuff being gone for a week but here are a couple of thoughts as you continue to watch your NCAA bracket spiral further into oblivion.

- Danny Ainge got fined 30 grand for “excessive contact with Kevin Durant” (Jordan also got fined for comments) if you are Durant why wouldn’t you come out? GM’s are taking fines for sitting next to your mom, the greatest player ever said you’re going to be great and Kobe pretty much guaranteed you that you’d get a huge shoe deal from Nike.

-The NCAA age limit has worked wonders as a PR tool for Durant, he wouldn’t be nearly this well know or talked about had he come to the NBA from high school but after playing a year in college he’s essentially marketed himself into one of the top two picks if he comes out. This is just more proof that David Stern is a genius…can you put a price on the buzz that the age restriction has put on the NBA with guys like Durant and Oden becoming guaranteed top two picks?

- There is only one word to describe Manny Ramirez. Unpredictable, that’s it the guy is off his rocker.

- Dice-K looked strong in his outing yesterday. It’s always a good sign when players from the other team are going into the club house between innings to look at the DVDs of their at-bats to try and figure out what exactly a pitcher is throwing.

- It looks like the Sox are going to announce Papelbon as the closer after their game today. I liked the idea of Paps starting but he was lights out last year and moving him the closer makes the team better immediately with out losing anything. Even taking him out of the rotation the Red Sox have a couple of avenues to explore with the fifth starter, whether that’s Pinero, Tavarez, Snyder or hopefully later in the season Lester.

Alright that was more like a full time out…more on March Madness and Papelbon later.
For your reading pleasure: Bradford on Baseball & 38pitches - they are more enteraining and insightful then I am.

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