Thursday, October 18, 2007

It Ain't Over...Yet

I don't understand what has happened to the Sox...what happened to the nine batters in the top 42 in pitches per at bat? How do you go from that to being completely inept at the plate in one extra inning game? I don't get it...You pretty much got what was to be expected from Wake but what is going on with the offense.
Like I said I am a fan of the way that Tito sticks with his guys but we could use a lineup shake least move around some guys like Pedroia and Yook maybe hit Ellsbury lead-off instead of Coco? At this point could it really hurt that much to take out Coco for a game? I like Coco, I really do but something has to be said for the spark Ellsbury gave the Sox down the stretch. The most encouraging stat of the last two days…the 2004 Red Sox were the last team to come back from down 3-1…oh and while we are on the subject the last team before the Sox…the 2003 Marlins against the Cubs…guess who pitched the game that sparked that turn around, yup you got it Josh Beckett.

See all is not lost we are one dominating Beckett performance and a Cleveland equivalent of Bartmann away from coming back and making a Rockies-eque run to the World Series. I talked about Ellsbury subbing in for JD Drew after watching the Red Sox look inept at that plate for two days I think Tito should have gone with Jacoby for Coco Crisp...granted JD was brought in to be a five hitter and that's not what the Sox are expecting from Coco but I think the Sox could have used Jacoby in the lineup against Byrd.

Going into a backs-against-the-wall game five the thing that makes me most nervous is the fact that this team isn’t at loose as the 2004 team. Granted you don’t need Johnny Damon doing naked pull-ups or anything but they seem tense. Of course there is always Manny to save us…there was a lot of outrage over his comments about losing not being the end of the world. And you know what, he’s right it’s not. If they go into these games thinking we have to win or else the chances of trying to do too much and failing are much greater.

I heard people say Manny looked stupid after he hit that home run last night and he was pimpin it at the plate becasue the Sox are down but didn't he do the same thing in 2003 in Oakland? If memory serves me correctly the Sox were down and Manny wasn't hitting well he hit a homer, pimped it and the Sox came back to win the series on two of the most codes pitches i've ever seen al la Derek Lowe

Hopefully the fact that the guys were playing Tecmo Bowl in the clubhouse yesterday means they are loose and if they are loose and play like they have nothing to lose then I think the Sox have a great chance to come back. I know it’s a little much to think the Sox could have two improbable comebacks in 2004 and 2007 but with a little luck it could definitely happen.

If you think about it the Sox were down 3-0 to the Yankees in ’04 and Mark Bellhorn and Johnny Damon were something like 2-for-23 (I think that’s right) then all of a sudden they come around and the Sox win eight in a row. Like I said we are only a few bounces going our way from coming back. Namely a Drew and Crisp or Pedroia turnaround, those guys can help Otriz, Manny and Lowell carry the load we could see another World Series in Boston.

Manny turned it around in the ’03 ALDS, Damon and Bellhorn in the ’04 ALCS, all we need is someone to do it in 2007. I just hope it’s not too late, and I really hope tonight isn’t one of those games where everyone says ‘there’s no way they lose this game’ then they get smoked. Can Tom Brady lend Drew, Crisp or Pedroia some of his ‘I am winning this f’n game’ swag for a night or two? Please.

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