Thursday, February 22, 2007

20 Second Time Out

Welcome to my 20 Second Time Out...from now on anytime I write any NBA or basketball related column it will be filed under a 20 Second Time Out...Michael Holley is giving them out so I'm taking them.
Gerald Green’s win of the dunk contest was awesome. Anytime you have three props for one dunk and that dunk pays homage to the Dee Brown ‘Reebok pumps, cover your eyes dunk’ you should automatically win, especially when you jump over Nate Robinson.

I’m not sure how Nate Robinson was in the finals, his dunks were cool but Dwight Howard’s sticker dunk was awesome it should have been Howard vs. G-Money in the finals that would have been a great final. Also why was the NBA against bringing in a 12 foot hoop, that would have weeded out Robinson, who as I said before, eats, but it would have been a great show between Green and Howard.

Gerald’s first two dunks were awesome, his two dunks in the finals were also excellent but the fact that he didn’t miss once almost made it less exciting. Then again when you think about it, it just shows how much better he was then everyone else. Boy it’s a sad day when the most encouraging thing about the Celtics is the fact that one of there players won the dunk contest…woof.

The NBA needs to bring HORSE into the All-Star Saturday that would be incredibly entertaining to watch; more so than watching some guy I’ve never heard of win the three-point shootout or watching Lebron and Kobe half-ass the skill competition.

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