Friday, February 2, 2007

'Mooninites', Schilling, Dice-K and Prince oh my...It's the Ramblings

It’s Friday and there isn’t a whole lot going on in the world of sports. Granted the Super Bowl is Sunday night but how many more inane, pointless super bowl stories can you read or for that matter can people write?

Does anyone outside of Chicago and Indianapolis really care about the Super Bowl? Uber-dork Peyton Manning and Rex Grossman awesome, I can’t wait to see one of these two celebrating, bring out the commercials and let raspberry beret blast.

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Anyway here are a couple of ramblings on what has been going on lately…in bullet point form.

Welcome to The Ramblings...
  • Ted Johnson is bringing some allegations against Belichick, saying that Bill made him practice with post concussion syndrome in 2002. Sounds ugly, paints Bill in a poor light but it’s hard to take it to heart when Johnson wanted to play for the Patriots this December. Not buying it Teddy, plus I meet Ted Johnson when I was in high school and he was a dick, so there.

  • Since I’m going to the Celtics tonight and they are probably going to set a franchise record for losses I’ll throw in my two cents on the Oden/Durant thing. I hope the Celtics get the #2 pick so they don’t have the pressure to take Oden and they get Durant. Granted they might not come out this year but assuming they do I hope the Celtics end up with Kevin Durant. 37 and 23 against Texas Tech…welcome to Boston Kevin, you look great in green.

  • Red Sox sign Schilling for 2008, seriously just do it. You spent $50 million just to talk to Dice-K. I think you can pony up $18 mil for Schilling. SIGN HIM! Gil Meche got $55 million. GIL MECHE. Sign Schilling. Here is my sole piece of evidence why this is a good idea. John Burkett, former Sox pitcher, bought some skis from Reynolds and said “I can’t believe jackasses like Gil Meche are getting 55 million that pisses me off.” Do you know anyone that would say that about Schilling?

  • More Dice-K news, his add debuted yesterday. No he isn’t wearing a mustache and he’s not chanting ‘cut that meat’ although I guess they could be saying that, it’s a Japanese beer commercial so I have no clue what they are saying. Check it out here. Isn’t it great how he can actually drink the beer in the commercial, oh Japanamation.

  • CTU Boston learned that the suspicious devices planted around the city were in fact ‘mooninites’ from Adult Swim’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force thanks to top notch reporting from WBCN’s Toucher and Rich. Also the flag will remain at half mast in honor of fallen agent Curtis Manning.

  • A recent trip to the cultural and technological center of the universe, Acworth, NH revealed that Prince does in fact rule and his halftime show has all kinds of potential. I am setting the over/under for price making ridiculous sexual noises at 1,500. Is it weird that I want to know if he is as good at football as Charlie Murphy claims he is at hoops?

  • Um did I mention Prince is a Jehovah’s Witness and once sang "I'm not a woman. I'm not a man. I am something that U'll never understand." Yeah that’s what I thought…half time don’t miss it.

  • Madden 07 already decided the outcome of the game; the Colts beat the Bears 38-27. Peyton Manning is going to Disney World after his 28/36 383 yard 3 TD performance.

  • Final Super Bowl note: While I haven’t paid much attention to the build up, I will still wager a prediction. I really can’t formulate any good opinions since I hate Peyton Manning and Rex Grossman but I will say Colts 27 Bears 21. I’m going six points because if Adam Vinatieri kicks a game winning field goal my head might explode.
Alright it’s time to start preparing myself for tonight’s Celtics game. It’s my first one this year, pretty late in the season for my first game actually, but I’m pretty excited despite the fact that the green could lose their 14th straight. I will have the digital camera and I’ll have something for you after the game. After all the Lost Boys will be in attendance.

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