Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Hello JD Drew

On the line, Red Sox right fielder JD Drew…

JD Drew is a Boston Red Sox and we finally heard from him. He talked with weei’s Dale and Holley. Here are my impressions of the interview, as it happened.

JD Drew sounds like one of the kids on two-a-days, which makes sense since he’s from Valdosta, GA. He talked a lot about spending money and doing things to keep himself healthy but he didn’t really say anything other than he “used devices to try to perform at a high level and get healthy.” Taken out of context that could sound bad but I think I know what he meant.

He actually sounds like what you’d think a dirt dog would sound like, which is pretty exciting, if that makes any sense.

He said he opted out of his contract in LA because he and Scott Boras were concerned that he was going to be traded at some point and the Dodgers wouldn’t renegotiate his deal with a no-trade clause worked in. he also threw in the obligatory I’m excited to be here and play for a great team and organization etc, etc.

His response to people saying he won’t fit in with the Sox and he won’t fit in, in Boston was actually pretty good. He said he thinks the most important thing is that you “go out there and play the game hard” and “when it’s all said and done and the season is over when you look at the numbers hopefully everything will be there.” I like that answer, going out and playing hard everyday will help him be successful in Boston, in the fans eyes anyway.

He apparently likes Curt Schilling, despite the fact the two have had their differences in the past.

He said he didn’t want to feel like he had to be the savior of any team so he likes the fact that Boston has a solid line up. Basically he sounded like he was excited about the possibilities that if he comes up “empty” in a situation there are other guys that can pick it up.

I just hope that he will come up big more times than he comes up empty. I know he won’t be David Ortiz but he’s the kind of guy that should be able to come up big when it needs to be.

He’s not a very emotional player. He’ll need to work on playing the right field corner, last time he played at Fenway he ate the right field bleachers on a flare down the right field line by Nomar.

He hit 19 balls to the warning track to left field in LA, say hello to the green monster JD, and should add a couple more hits to your highly touted stat sheet.

Initial reactions, he was pretty much nothing like I was expecting him to be like. JD Drew was supposed to be hard to talk to and not be somebody that is willing to talk about their issues. He was nothing like that.

He opened up pretty easily and he didn’t shy away from topics. At first he gave a couple of standardized answers but he was surprisingly candid.

Still the question remains will he be able to stay on the field? If you want to be cynical about him fine be cynical but Drew is a solid player and he could be a great addition to the Sox lineup. As much as I loved Trot Nixon, a healthy Drew is an upgrade.

I’ve been trying to ignore all the bad publicity he has gotten for a number of things. Hearing his interview has made me think twice about hating him before he takes a swing. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

t-minus 10 days till pitchers and catchers report.

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