Friday, September 21, 2007

Rad Sox...sort of...maybe...I hope

Yes I needed a quick time out…and maybe a little bit of a mound conference with myself. I’ve settled down thought and I’d like to apologize for my rash reaction to the current state of the Red Sox. I was upset…can you blame me?

The Red Sox are going to make the playoffs and if they don’t win the division it’s a disappointment but not the biggest choke job ever. That is still reserved for the 2004 ALCS. It’s still not a great situation, 14.5 games down to 1.5 is weak. However making the playoffs is the first step to the ultimate goal of winning a world series. I’m not sure that this team is one that will be able to win a World Series, namely because the offense has been limping along for a while and the bullpen right now is in shambles.

A few weeks ago the Red Sox pitching staff was one that could carry a team through the playoffs, especially if the bats could come around. Now with the pitching staff struggling the problems with the offense are louder then ever.

Like Bob Ryan said in his Globe column, “is this a team that inspires confidence?” Not right now that is for sure. I think they have a chance to be that team again but something needs to happen to give them that finishing kick. They don’t have to win the division to win the World Series we have seen wild cards win (see 2002 and 2004) but there is something to be said for momentum. Of course 2004 is a pretty good example of momentum not being an issue and shows that momentum can swing at any given time.

I thought the Bucholz no hitter would be a catalyst for the rest of the season, then after Papi’s walk off I was certain they’d take the division by 5-7 games. I am all for the excitement of a close race but not when it looks like my team is going to fall apart at any second.

One thing is for sure the pitching and offense has got to get better if the Red Sox have any hope of making a run in the playoffs. If they continue to play this way it’s going to be a very, very short Sox-tober.

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