Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yeah the Red Sox are awesome…Compared to Bullshit

Are you kidding me? This cannot seriously be happening. Never mind a shrinking lead that’s down to a game and a half THE RED SOX ARE IN DANGER OF MISSING THE PLAYOFFS!

You can forget all about the 2004 ALCS being the biggest choke job off all time if this goes down. If the Red Sox fail to make the playoffs it will unequivocally be the worst choke in the history of sports. Not just because the Red Sox have been in first for five months but because they’ll be choking away the AL East to the Yankees. Screw the playoffs if the Red Sox are the wildcard it would still be one of the biggest choke jobs in the history of sports.

What is going on with this team, I can’t remember ever seeing play this uninspiring or having less faith in a group of athletes. I’m not talking about the woe-is-me ‘the worst is going to happen’ attitude that’s not what I am talking about. When the team cannot score runs to help out its pitching and when the teams pitching blows games night in and night out its hard to be confident about said team.

Remember earlier in the season a.k.a. ‘the Mother’s Day Miracle’ when I said that this team has a different feel and gone were the ‘worst is going to happen feelings’ well funk that I was wrong. Earlier in the year no-matter what you felt like the team was still in it, up until the last out was recorded, good till the last drop. Not anymore baby. This truly has been an unimaginable collapse.

Late August – “They just can’t get swept by the Yankees”, “As long as we win one of three, we’re money” – Red Sox get swept and Manny goes down.

Then last week it was “They just can’t get swept”, “I’d like to know they can beat the Yankees but as long as they don’t get swept its still 7.5 games”. Now the Red Sox just got swept by the Blue Jays after Eric Gagne proved he eats last night and Papelbon gave up a grand slam tonight it’s a game and a half. The lead of the Yankees is 1.5 games. The Red Sox need to win four games just to make the playoffs and right now they might not be able to do it. How is this possible!

I got a text message from Reynolds the other day that read “new article idea. Why Manny needs to go.” I love you Reynolds but how have things gone for the Sox since Manny got hurt. Not so fucking well – I know Jacoby has been awesome but I’m in a shitty mood so lets not forget that a players first 40 games rarely foreshadow what their career is like (see Dustin Pedroia). The Red Sox need Manny Ramirez, he might not be the answer to all their problems right now but he’d no doubt help the current situation.

As a fan I am furious. I don’t know how many more bad at-bats and strikeouts in clutch situations I can stand to watch before I have a meltdown. The Yankees series was not good it left you with the feeling that the Red Sox just can’t beat them this year but now, after this Blue Jays sweep I am not sure if they’ll make the playoffs.

There are always a few games that I see as a tell tale game. During the 2004 season it was a walk off win. The only time I ever saw Pedro pitch in person, the OC hit a walk of double and Johnny Damon score from first to win the game. That showed me something. This year I think it might be the last Devil Rays series. We were fooled into a false sense of security by Papi’s walk off homer but the real tell tale might have been the Schilling-Kazmir game. A 1-0 loss – Schilling pitched great but the Sox offense couldn’t get it done – offense has been their made issue lately…offense and the bullpen, which had just blown a game for Schilling against the Jays the week before. The bullpen and offensive meltdown may turn out to be the story of the 2007 Red Sox…even if they make the playoffs will the offense sputter out and/or will the bullpen implode. These things do not have me excited for the final two weeks of the season.

I am in utter disbelief. Maybe this is 1978, maybe it’s worse. One thing is for certain anyone who says Red Sox fans love to be miserable and love complaining about the heart breaking losses is an idiot…this sucks.

After Sunday I was bummed about the Sox but I was still in a good mood after the Patriots that was until last nights Gagne collapse and tonight’s loss. Maybe we are being punished. Maybe because we didn’t call out Belicheck and the Pats like everyone else or maybe because the Patriots are codes and now the Celtics are legit (although no team with three players that averaged over 20 ppg has ever won a title), I guess two teams is the karmic limit now. Or could it be that we Red Sox Nation deserve an epic collapse because we let 2004 go to our heads, because we have in essence become the new Yankees.

Baseball Gods, can you blame us for the way we acted? The Florida Marlins have won two World Series in less then 10 years and it took us 86 years to realize a dream. The Marlins had 400 fans at a game and you are going to take an AL East crown and potential World Series title away from us. All we have done is faithfully follow our team, yeah some of us have gone over board but it’s a result of elation.

Maybe nothing is ever enough but I couldn’t imagine that this scenario would have even been possible. They have to figure this out and right the ship, they will figure it out…won’t they?

I don’t know what’s going to happen to the Sox but I’m worried about the Yankees, they could win the division or oust the Sox in the Playoffs, either way they make me nervous.

To think my original plan today was to right about the Codes Theory: When real players and teams take on video game like qualities – but instead of talking about the Patriots being codes and the Sox on the verge of clinching the AL East I’m thinking that they won’t make the playoffs…what bizarro world have I fallen into.

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