Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Internet's Not Going to Surf It Self Buddy

As anyone who’s ever read this blog knows I am awful at updating. Sure I’ll go for a couple weeks with a lot of post but then I don’t write anything for a month and a half, that’s weak sauce. I always want to post more and hopefully this idea will lead to more posts.

I’m going to try and get a daily, or at least a couple times a week, links post. I’m not going to just post five links and bounce. I like to ramble so the rambling descriptions of the links should work…right?

Chances are this will last like a week but we’ll see what we can do.

I have no idea why I didn’t mention this last night but Petey inked a new deal! 6 years 40+ million. Locking up the MVP for the foreseeable future, sounds good to me. I’m not sure about the specifics of baseball players contracts but I believe he’d be eligible for arbitration in a season or two and if he continues to play the way he has and improve he could have gotten a huge number from arbitration. Good to see Petey sign for 6 years because he wants to play for a team that is committed to winning. It takes players with that mentality to help build winning teams.

Schilling's officially moved to weei. 38 Pitches, aka the greatest blog in the history of the world (of Warcraft) is now at - I can't wait till his game studio starts pumping out MMORPGs so I can get XP with my party using team speak.

2009 will bring us a new football league. The UFL will start playing in the fall of 2009 despite not knowing where they’ll have teams yet. The good news they might have a team in the way you can vote for the names of these future franchises can we make sure if they have a team in Hartford it’s the Whalers? Please? ‘Hartford, the Whale, they only beat Vancouver once, maybe twice in a lifetime.’
(UFL - from Deadspin)

Rajon Rondo had a huge game Wednesday night. Picked a pretty good time for his first career triple double after Indy smoked the C’s and was coming off of a huge win over the Lakers. I love Rondo.
(Hoops World)

Former Celtic Rodney Rodgers was in an accident which left him paralyzed. I always like Rodney, even though he left for the Nets. Cleary though life is a lot more rooting for a jersey.
(News Observer - from Deadspin)

I just saw a commercial for the NPPL Professional Paintball video game. I don’t know how I feel about it, I kind of want to get it but it also makes me feel like I should be pounding mountain dews and staying up until 3am playing. Remember the good old days when you’d go on a mountain dew binge to play video games? Damn kids and their Red Bull. Anyway I’m in the process of searching for a good Paintball blog to read. PBNation is obviously the message board of choice but this blogs not too bad.

Just because I feel like being that guy I’m going to throw in a movie quote/monologue of the day(s). Since I already threw in a Kevin Smith movie quote I might as well add another.

“You know him too? [John Hughes] that fucking guy. Made this flick "16 Candles" right? Not bad it's got tits in it, but no bush. Of course Ebert over here don't give a shit about that stuff cause he's all in love with this John Hughes guy and rents every one of his movies. Fucking "Breakfast Club" all these stupid kids actually show up to detention, fucking "Weird Science" where this one chick wants to take off her gear and get down, but aw, no she don't cause it's a PG movie, and then there's "Pretty In Pink" which I can't watch with this tubby bitch anymore, because every time we get to the part where the red head hooks up with her dream guy, he starts sobbin' like a eight-year-old with a skinned knee and shit. And nothing is worse then watching a fat man weep.”

~Dogma (from

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