Monday, December 8, 2008

Surf's Up

Here’s a few more links and some of my semi-coherent ramblings about them. Among the links…Army’s badass new uni’s, big news on the Varitek front, J-Taz, more C’s and I BELIEVE IN HARVEY DENT!

On Saturday Army debuted the coolest f’ing uniforms I’ve ever seen. For the 109th Army-Navy game Nike decided to unveil their new style uniforms. I don’t really care about the new uniforms other than what they looked like. Army rocked digi camouflage helmets (awesome) with digi camo pants, black jerseys with camo numbers and “Duty. Honor. Country.” In camo on the back of the jersey. I know I sound a little ridiculous getting so excited about camo uniforms but you know how I feel about ‘live free or die’ Mike Timlin’s camo glove. This is about 50 times cooler. I will be looking on the internet for merchandise related to these BAMF’ing jerseys.

Rangers trade Laird to Tigers - I wonder if the Sox will pursue Taylor Teagarden now or if the Rangers will still be interested in moving him. It will be interesting to see what the Red Sox do with the catching situation after Tek declined arbitration. Can’t say I’m too surprised but the Tigers trading for Laird shrinks the market that Scott Boras was counting on to drive the price of Varitek up, so I think it’s more likely now that he’ll be back in Boston for another year. Which, like I’ve said before, is something that I would like to see. Tek’s impact goes beyond his .220 batting average.

Tony Mazz brought up some interesting points on his blog last week about the Sox signing Junici Tazawa and what it might mean for their pursuit of Mark Teixeira. Via – “Look at it this way: If and when the Red Sox sign a prominent free agent this offseason -- Mark Teixeira, anyone? -- that maneuver would require the Sox to forfeit a first-round selection in next year’s amateur draft.”
According to Mazz the Sox essentially signed the 22-year old Japanese prospect to be the draft pick they would lose in signing someone like Teixeira. If this is the case then I would expect to hear news that the Sox are making a serious run at Teixeira in the coming days at the winter meetings in Vegas. We’ll be closely monitoring this situation.

The Celts have won 12 straight and are playing some inspired basketball. The guys over at Red’s Army point out that the C’s and Lakers, who will meet on Christmas day, are a combined 37-4 and like some sort of eclipse or comet every 20 years the Celtics and Lakers rise to the top of the basketball world and battle for supremacy. Can’t wait for that game on Christmas day.
(Red's Army)

With the Dark Knight coming out tomorrow I have to recommend both Batman Year One and Batman the Long Halloween. I read both of these graphic novels over the summer while anxiously awaiting the release of the movie and they are excellent. I’ve always been a comic fan, I’m not a die hard, I’ve never been to Comic Con but I’ve probably practiced Wolverines berserker attack once or twice. Anyway, Year One was used as a guideline for Batman Begins, which is one of my favorite movies, while the Long Halloween was used as a guideline for the Dark Knight. The Long Halloween details the transformation of Harvey Dent becoming Two-Face and continues the development of Batman’s character. It’s very well written and since I’m not an intense comic fan I’d have to recommend it to anyone that enjoys a book with pictures in it.

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