Friday, December 5, 2008

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Here’s another batch of links. On tap today, boxing, T&R, I love Rondo and yes even some B’s ked.

Although boxing has been losing chunks of ground to MMA for the last couple of year the sport still manages to come up with one or two marquee fights every year. De La Hoya-Pacquiao should be one of them. According to Kevin Lole of Yahoo Sports Canada last year’s fight between Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather sold a record 2.44 million pay-per-view units and generated in excess of $134 million in PPV receipts alone. Pretty impressive when you figure that casual fans don’t know who the heavyweight champ is. A large portion of boxing’s success, or failure for that matter, comes from its ability to market and sell fights. Thanks to HBO’s 24-7 series the sport has been able to keep its head above water showcasing guys like Mayweather, Pacquiao and love him or hate him, Ricky Hatton. With that said I’ve seen enough Johnny gym rats wearing affliction t-shirts two know MMA is still stronger, but it will be interesting to see if boxing can continue to claw towards a resurgence. (Yahoo!)

Toucher and Rich have moved to the 6-10 morning drive time slot on BCN. I wasn’t a big fan until a couple of years ago when they had their 300+ pound mascot/resident r-tard sit on Santa’s lap at a mall. It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. If I can find a video from the NECN newscast that it ran on I’ll put it up but for now you’ll have to settle for their website. They are responsible for the famed Chili Guy who can be seen outside Fenway and or the Garden. Those two things right there make them the best morning show in Boston. No offense to Opie and Anthony but I’m glad BCN made this move. (WBCN)

Remember when I said I’d pay attention to the Bruins this year? No, you probably don’t and that’s fine but I have been paying attention. And so have a lot of other people because they are playing awesome right now. (

The guys over at Red’s Army share my affinity for Rajon Rondo. I love their comments on how the national media and other bloggers haven’t quite caught on to Rondo’s abilities yet. Clearly he’s not the offensive threat that some of the other guards around the league are but he’s in a perfect situation for his skill set. He’s got three premier scorers so all he has to do is get them the ball and play defense, which he does exceptionally well as shown by his alleged fastest triple double in NBA history (link to red’s army post). No doubt he will need to improve his shooting ability down the road. Eventually when (gasp) the Big three are done Rondo will need to become more of a scorer, but for now I’ll take his stat line. He’s averaging 10.2 PPG, 4.7 boards and 7.7 assists, so call it 10, 5 and 8. He’s also averaging 31 minutes per game. (Red's Army via Barstool Sports)

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