Thursday, April 5, 2007

Live Blog: Part III - Innings 7-9

Seventh Inning

I missed Pedroia’s at bat because I just had a great conversation with some lady who is hosting a Spanish exchange student. I think she thinks that my mom and dad lost my brother’s exchange student, my bad but seriously lady I’m just home watching the Sox game on the big screen ok. I claim no responsibility for Spanish kids or their whereabouts.

Back to Pedroia, I’m not ready to go with Chris Comer that was a gut reaction I’m working on it thought. The Sox went rather quietly but Pedroia was on base so that’s a good sign right?

Dice-k has nine strikeouts now, Jerry just informed us that it’s the most strikeouts by a Red Sox rookie in his debut since Kevin Milton, and Don replied with the fact that Red Sox rookie with the most strikeouts in his debut (11) was later traded for Jerry Remy. Make that ten strike outs for Dice-k. This is what I love about Don and Jerry they have a great chemistry and you can really tell they enjoy working together and as goofy and predicable as they are sometimes they really make it fun to watch.

Dice-k and Greinke are both done. Dice-k had a really nice first start and if we see more games like that he’s going to be real tough especially if he gets his velocity up as the season goes on.

As for Greinke, I think he got over looked a little bit but he only allowed two runs and strike out Papi three times so it’s tough for him to have to leave on the hook but not a bad outing for him either.

Papi, is pumped to have Greinke gone dropping a double into left. The outfield is massive at Kaufman Stadium, by the way and I’d really like the Sox to get another run here before going to the bullpen. I’m confident in Papelbon but the other guys make me a little nervous. J.C. Romero and Brendan Donnelly, this isn’t xbox fellas lets pick up another one.

Ha, I rule everything I just said about Greinke, Jerry and Don just said the same thing, sign me up NESN.

Big Papi just wheeled home from third on a wild pitch that really didn’t get very far from the plate, apparently Papi is Michael Johnson, I had no idea. Guy is absolutely out of gas in the dugout. Please get Ortiz some oxygen and Power C right now he may or may not pass out.

Do you think Teahen is pissed right now? Alex Gordon just let an easy grounder go right between his legs. Teahen has look lost in the outfield but Gordon isn’t having a good time at third either…Ladies and Gentleman your 2007 Kansas City Royals.

The Sox have had a base runner in every inning and are 0-11 in scoring position, wait now Coco is up make that 0-12. I love eating crow I really do, one of my favorite meals. Coco just lined one up the middle bringing in JD Drew from third, 4-1 Sox.

Yes, while I was in the middle of searching for a good comparison for Pedroia he loads the bases with a single, NIIIICE!

Nothing doing with the bases loaded, but 4-1 Sox.

Bottom of the Eighth Inning

Romero is on the hill now and Jonathan Papelbon is loosening up in the bullpen, I really hope we see Paps, he’s electric. This is why I love Remy and Orsillo, they aren’t over doing the whole Dice-k thing but when they realize that they are starting to they just start messing around and saying stuff like…

“He should just make up a bunch of different names for different pitches and really throw off the opposition. You know like the gyroball, the um, ah, the spin ball, I don’t stuff like that,” gold I tell you solid gold plated diapers baby, I love Jerry Remy.

J.C. Romero gets through the eighth pretty easy but I’m a little bothered by this new Foxwoods commercial. I don’t like it what happened to the old Foxwoods commercial that may have been my favorite jingle ever. More importantly why can’t I find that commercial or the ‘my luck chip’ commercial on youtube. The ‘my lucky chip’ commercial is my favorite commercial ever, it has that great unnecessary boob shot at the end when the girl tucks a poker chip into her red dress and goes “oh my lucky chip”. Boob shot and the old Foxwoods jingle, a match made in TV heaven, I think so.

Ninth Inning

Papelbon is in to close this is like a double-plus-good game, Dice-k and Papelbon good times. Emil Brown goes down on a hard biting slider from Paps, who got his first Major League save a year ago today according to Don.

Alex Gordon grounds out for out number two. Someone is gingerly massaging Dice-k’s shoulders in the dugout, definitely on of the gayest things I’ve ever seen, actually it was Julian Tavarez, still gay (not that there is anything wrong with that). Wily Mo Pena just told Tavarez to knock it off and now he’s trying to get Dice-k to wave to the crowd, this is retarded.

Back to the game, Papelbon, fastball outside corner, good night, game over, drive home safely.

Post game thoughts – I’ll keep it short I promise. I was really pleased with Dice-k’s first outing it was what I was hoping for, he scattered some hits, gave up a run struck out 10 and got himself out of trouble a couple times. How can you not be happy with that? Also the Sox responded with a couple runs when they needed them. There are still a few guys that need to get things going, like Tek, Coco and Lugo but a great start for Romero, Dice-k, JD Drew and Pedroia.

Well that’s all for my first attempt at a Live Blog, Sox take it 4-1, of the two running diaries I’ve written we’ve got two Boston (New England) wins.

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