Thursday, April 5, 2007

Live Blog: Part II - Innings 4-6

Fourth Inning-

Mike Lowell just hit a double that was almost a homer and should have been caught, if that makes sense. Oh and more importantly Dice-k stood on the dugout steps to see if it was a homer, easy dude it’s game three of the season not the ALCS.

Ross is up, with two outs and Lowell on third, Joey just informed me that Ross was a senior on the last season of two-a-days, not sure how he went from being a freshmen to a senior in the span of two seasons, but Joey is an authority on shit like this. Ross just struck out…weird, he’s like Bellhorn without the greasy hair and homers.

By the way I bought Power C Vitamin Water aka the David Ortiz kind, he’s struck out twice, I hate vitamin water.

According to Wikipedia I am an idiot and Ross was a junior in season one of Two-A-Days so he went from a junior to a senior in two seasons, logical progression right? Yeah the whole Pedroia-Ross thing is out but he still looks like a freshman that got called up to the varsity, think Chris Comer at the beginning of Friday Night Lights that’s what watching Dustin Pedroia is like.

Meanwhile, Dice-k is mowing down the Royals, stat line from Joey, “five strikeouts, one hit, he’s retired ten in a row, just struck out the side and he’s at like 58 pitches, I love it, I know, I know four innings in and he’s the Cy Young winner but still I love it.”

Joey pretty much just summed things up right there, Dice-k’s only at 54 pitches and he’s got five k’s through four, we are very happy right now.

Fifth Inning

Lugo leading things off with a double and I really am starting to feel bad for Mark Tehan, he looks lost out in right field.

Lugo is running on a curve ball up an in on Youk and John Buck just fired the ball into left field prompting this from Joey.

“What is this little league? Who throws past the third baseman like that? And why is he just standing there run home”

Lugo scores on the error, 2-0 Sox in the fifth. Big Papi strikeout number three, I’m never drinking Power C again.

We seriously need to stop talking about high school TV shows and movies cause we must absolutely sound like creeps, but it’s not our fault they don’t make high school girls like they used to (channeling my inner Wooderson).

Alex Gordon, who’s supposed to be the Rookie of the Year just got his first major league hit, which was the second hit Dice-k gave up, pretty cool for Gordon.

Great slider from the Diceman for his sixth strikeout of the afternoon, and Ross Gload just smashed a ball but it turned out to be a routine fly ball to Drew. I think I listened to a few to many Jerry Trupiano games cause I was about to give that one a “WAAAY BAACK!!!”

We’ve lost Joey, he had to go to work. I’m going to miss his off hand comments I guess that means I need to step it up.

John Buck just dropped a blooper into center and Coco nearly f’d it up enough for Gordon to score, I’m really trying to be positive about Coco but he’s not showing me much right now.

Matsuzaka is in a bit of a jam here with runners on the corners and two outs, and we have our first mound conference between Dice-k and Tek. What do you think they said to each other? Here’s my guess.

Tek – “Fastball.”
Dice-K – “Fastball” (with heavy accent)
Tek – “yeah fastball”
Dice-K – “ok fastball” (again with the accent)

Well it worked, chopper back to the mound for out number three. Chopper back to the mound doesn’t do that play justice it was more like a swinging bunt, I’ve really been impressed with Dice-k’s fielding, you have to love a guy that helps his own cause like that and pounds Akashi Extra Dry in single gulps on youtube.

2-0 Sox after five…

Sixth Inning

Ok Coco, show me something. 0-8 on the year and 0-2 on the day with a groundout and strikeout and a near error is not cutting it…sweet make that 0-9, 0-3 on the day with a groundout and two strikeouts.

Dice-k just gave up a solo jobby to David DeJesus, Dice-k just left that fastball out over the plate and it got roped. I really just got a sinking feeling like it’s going to be one of those games that the pitcher throws well but the offense can’t help him out, I’ve seen way too many of those as a Sox fan.

Strike ‘em out throw ‘em double play that was huge, Dice-k absolutely just froze Teahan, who is still lost somewhere in right field, for strike three then Varitek just barely gets Emil Brown at second, if Beckett was on the mound I think his head might have exploded.

That double play turned out to be huge since Dice-k just gave up a well hit double. Big spot for Dice-k and he comes up with another strikeout, guy is lights out in tough spots so far.

Observations after six innings…this game definitely has that Pedro start feel to it with Dice-k taking the mound, I don’t know a lot of teams that can say that about their number three starter. Dice-k has pitched really well so far, he really has an arsenal of a pitch that he can use, we’ve seen strait fastballs, fastballs with movement, cut fastballs, change ups, splitters, sliders and curveballs and that’s just what I have noticed. He struggled a little bit in the sixth so I wonder if we’ll see him out there again in the seventh, he’s getting close to 100 pitches, if he’s not over 100 yet, I think he’s done but we’ll see.

96 - pitches so far, by the way.

2-1 Sox after Six…back with the final three innings and post game thoughts next.


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