Saturday, May 5, 2007

I love you Tom, no matter what

Tom Brady is not a traitor; if I was Neil Diamond I would smack you in the mouth for even thinking that. I won’t listen to that horse shit anymore I’ve seriously had quite enough. Are we really branding our golden boy as a traitor because he wore a Yankees hat? Granted I don’t like that he was wearing one and had he been wearing a Red Sox hat it would have been cooler and he would just be further cementing his legacy as New England’s golden boy. But come on lets not go overboard here.

Is the fact that he wore a Yankees hat going to change the way anyone looks at him? No. Is he still one of the best quarterbacks ever to play the game? Yes. Am I still going to vote for him when he eventually runs for President? Yes. Would you want anyone else in the NFL to be lining up under center for the New England Patriots? Um NO FUCKING WAY!!!!

Brady and Belichick are the best thing to ever happen to the Flying Elvi, Yankees hat or not. I only got to see the tail end of Bird and even at that I was so young that I wasn’t able to fully appreciate Larry Legend. The way that people revere Larry Bird is the way I look at Tom Brady (and in a lot of ways Big Papi & Manny). I just can’t imagine people would even entertain the thought that he’s a traitor for wearing a Yankees hat.

Brady was born in San Mateo, California not Brockton, so it’s completely understandable that he didn’t grow up as a Red Sox fan. Now I don’t think he was a Yankees fan living in the Bay Area but to most people the Yankees hat is a style thing not a where do your loyalties lie rivalry. And Brady dates Giselle now I’m thinking style is a big part of that relationship. He’s an absolute pretty boy off the field too, guy has a gleaming smile and he’s always dressed to impress.

In my opinion he was just wearing the hat as a fashion accessory. As much as we love to refer to Boston as the Hub and claim it’s the Hub of the universe New York is a one of the most major cities on the planet. To us, as Red Sox fans, the intertwined NY means something completely different than it does to other people. Other people see it as New York they don’t see the Aaron Boones, the Bucky Dents and all the other history they simply see it as a symbol of the real life Gotham City and that symbol doesn’t mean to them what it means to us.

I would love to see Brady rocking a Sox hat but it makes no difference to me if he wears a Sox hat, a Yankees hat, a Devil Rays hat, a Giants hat or an Expos hat (he got drafted by the Expos out of high school as a catcher). As long as he keeps throwing touchdowns and leading my favorite football team to Super Bowls and winning games.

In all honestly we should be more worried about the man purse looking thing he’s got under his arm in the picture.

In the end you can’t even say he’s a traitor. He’s not Roger Clemens, he’s not Johnny Damon and he’s not Benedict Arnold. Seriously think about the fact that they are truly traitors…now think about people calling Brady a traitor…it’s just silly isn’t it?

We love you Tom, Yankees hat or not, I promise.

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Anonymous said...

Amen! Could not agree more. Brady is often at Fenway with his Sox hat cheering on the Sox. Fact is, he is a Giants fan first and foremost and a sports fan after that! How was it OK for Curt Shilling to sport a Roesthlisberger jersery on Best Damned Sport Show a few years back before the Pats faced the Steelers in the AFC Championship??? I guess you can dis the Pats, but it is not OK to dis the Sox. I am embarrassed to be a Boston Fan. How sad for Tom Brady to be playing for such stupid fans that have no idea how to appreciate him!