Thursday, May 3, 2007

Papelbon Needs Shipping Up to Boston

Good news. I have tickets to tonight’s Red Sox game and Dice-k is pitching…yeah I’m pumped what is your point? There is something I feel like talking about today but I promise I’ll have something about the game tomorrow since every time I go to Fenway I feel like I’m ten years old. Seriously I’m beaming right now I’ll be giddy all day and have a shit eating grin all the way from the Malden Center T stop to Yawkey Way.

I brought this up yesterday but after listening to Adam 12 on wbcn it needs to be addressed again. Is there any song that is more played out for a pitcher to come out to than “wild thing?” No there isn't, it’s as simple as that. It's cool the first time or two and everyone gets a nice little piece of nostalgia because we all loved Major League but give me a break. Papelbon is not Rick Vaughn; he is actually far superior in the closers role in my opinion.

Here is a scouting report on Vaughn from The Soul of Baseball.

Strengths - Plus-Plus fastball ... Four seam fastball was clocked consistently in mid-to-high 90s while pitching for Portland...Fearless. Is not afraid to come inside with the fastball…Flashes an above average slider...Two seamer has great movement -- a swing and miss pitch...”

Weaknesses - Wild. Buries his slider often and has no fastball command ... Doesn't have a third pitch. Might be better in the bullpen...Control problems have haunted him his entire career.

Now let’s look at the scout on Papelbon from

Good pitcher's build with a live arm and solid delivery. Fastball has been clocked up to 95 mph, typically hitting the low-90s with great command. Very good slider and changeup, as well as a curveball. All can be thrown for strikes, and Papelbon has improved his consistency with these pitches. Papelbon also added a splitter to his arsenal in the spring of 2005, after some tutoring from Curt Schilling. Looked to be moved to the starting rotation after the 2006 season, but in Spring Training 2007 Papelbon stated his desire to return to the closer's role, where he hoped to remain for his entire career.

Even though Vaughn hit 99 and 101 at the end of Major League in the Indians pennant clinching game against the Yankees he and Papelbon have a very similar fastball. Paps has more pitches overall and much, much better command. Also after his first season, Rick Vaughn became a huge vagina and tried to be a breaking ball pitcher and got tagged in most of Major League II. So far things are going much better for Papelbon’s second season, granted he blew a save the other night but he’s still a dominant closer. When you watch Major League were people 100% confident that the Wild Thing would close out the game. Nope, so why are we comparing Papelbon to someone he is superior to. Paps needs his own unique entrance music selection and that selection should be “I’m Shipping Up to Boston”.

It’s similar to wrestling really. Is anyone else ever going to come out to “I am a Real American” no it’s not going to happen because that song belongs to Hulk Hogan and anyone trying to do so would immediately become a known as a poser. Riveria has ‘Enter Sandman’, now it’s time to make ‘Shipping Up to Boston’ synonymous with Papelbon.

I honestly can't think of one good reason not to have Paps come out to Dropkick it just makes sense, this is a perfect song I don't know anyone who doesn't love it even if they don't like the Dropkick Murphy's. Plus they are a Boston band...Everyone go to and vote, let’s make this happen.

From the Bullpen to Boston –

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